Best of 2018: Basil Mediterranean

Despite a bad location with a dearth of parking spots, Basil Mediterranean has carved out a gorgeous and classy space. The restaurant thrives on the Persian tried-and-true.

Start your meal by dragging pillowy pita triangles through a smooth-as-velvet hummus or the savory-sugary mash of baked eggplant called kashk e bademjan topped with yogurt, dried mint and fried onions. Nearly everything else—beef, chicken, lamb or seafood—comes hot from a well-tended grill. The koobideh, seasoned ground sirloin molded onto metal skewers, is the most flavorful hamburger meat ever made. The juice-weeping chicken shish kebab has char-kissed pieces so bright orange from its marinade it almost resembles tandoori.

Best of all, the prices are cheaper here than at the nearby Darya, where Basil Mediterranean’s owner was once a partner — consolation for the awful parking situation that you can take to the bank.

Source: OC Weekly